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FOT-Li . . . Meaning: Go for it !

Region/ Sub-Region: Spain, Spain, Catalonia, Reus. .

Grapes:  100% White Garnacha  

Vinification: Grapes are vinified in contact with
the skins. Wine is macerated with aromatic herbs for 1 month with: Thyme, orange peels, anise, cardamom, nutmeg, laurel, oregano, fennel, sage and vanilla, angelica in addition to other different 18 herbs

Aging:  Wine is aged  1 month in 40-year-old barriques. Barriques are 100% French oak, and exposed to the sun, using solera system to obtain high oxidation. 

Nose: Herbal notes from the infusion: Rosemary, sage and vanilla, as well as the solera oxidative character. 

Taste: Sweet, warm and balanced bouquet with thyme and some hazelnut and vanilla. 

Color: Dark brown with amber highlights, dense tear complex. 

Alcohol content: 16%

Gastronomy: Anything slightly salty or savory.
Traditional tapas from this region, olives and salty nuts. Small pours with 2 ice cubes garnished with and orange peel or mix it and make: Negroni, Manhattan, Americano or your own cocktail !

Production: 750 cases per year. 

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